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December 24, 2019

Potter Family | Dreamy Fall Pictures


I love when you befriend a client on Instagram long before your session day arrives, because when I finally meet them in person, I feel like I already know them and we’re just friends taking pictures! That’s how it was with Cierra and her family! We became friends on Instgram after she booked a session and interacted and commented on each other’s posts here and there over the following months.

That is one of my favorite things about social media, you can get to know your client’s so well before a session and they get to know you! It was so fun meeting her cute little boy in person. His photos I saw before hand were pretty dang cute but the kids little personality just lit up. He was the perfect little model for the camera. Always laughing, running, and teasing and loved all the games and prompts I gave him. He also loved to give us some sassy dance moves from his favorite album, Grease!!

Something I always bring…

Something I like to bring to every session is a Gathre mat! I typically use it as means to sit on, but sometimes we like to end up using it for things like… swinging your kid around! You gotta do what you gotta do to keep those little toddlers happy and smiling. And dad’s too, am I right?!

 We actually ending up changing locations THE DAY OF, and they were the most flexible and easy family. I’m actually pretty glad we ended up at this location because we got the most amazing photos from it! I truly adore this family and these fall family photos! The light, fallen leaves and playfulness just made for the most dreamy fall pictures!

This Gathre mat makes for so much fun during pictures!

The cute mat I use to make for playful photos linked here:



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