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February 20, 2020

Loftin Family | Dreamy In Home Session


I had been dreaming about doing a shoot styled just like this for what felt like a year. I saw this studio, an old styled house, located in Provo and I could not for the life of me get it out of my mind. For good reason too, since it’s obviously so whimsical and timeless! I finally decided to search for a family who could fulfill my photography dreams.

And then I found the Loftin family.

Witney and I had been following each other on Instagram for close to a year at this point. She had the cutest family and posted about everything her kids did! What they achieved, wether they liked something or didn’t, and over I time I felt like I KNEW them. That’s how we all make friends nowadays right?! When I asked if her family would want to a shoot at this studio and she said yes, I was literally jumping with joy!

We talked outfits for about two months prior to the shoot date.

Witney was amazing at following the color palettes I gave (which were white, white, and some cream, obviously if you know me at all.) She sent countless options and asked my opinion on the combinations. I was so excited to see it all come together. The day was finally here and I was so excited! Last second on my way on the door I decided to grab my Taiga WildBird sling for Witney to carry her babe in. I absolutely love when mom’s bring things that are important to their family! Wether that be a sling or a teddy bear your child loves.

This family was incredible to work with and I enjoyed every second. Witney was even more beautiful in person and had chosen the most perfect dress for herself. Wilson, their oldest boy, listened to everything I said! He especially loved when I told him to “have fun and jump away on the bed!” Little miss Andie made sure her shyness was known, but couldn’t help but let a few sweet smiles slip past her lips. I think she had more fun then she’s willing to admit. Their cute baby, Davis, gave his big smiles throughout the session and loved all the attention from mama! Gage, her husband, was a champ! He wrestled, played, and carried all children at once! I love when dads are willing to entertain my crazy ideas!

I basically exclaimed “oh my gosh these are PERFECT” after every photo I took. And when I got home to edit, I couldn’t wait to start sharing and posting sneak peeks. I hope you all love them as much as I do!

This gorgeous wildbird sling can be found here (if it’s still in stock!)


The beautiful studio we used:



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