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December 20, 2019

Housley Family | Loch Lomond Pond



Meet the Housley’s!

  This family ya’ll. They have become some of my biggest repeat clients and friends over the past couple years I’ve known them! I took their family pictures back when I very first got pregnant with Hudson. We did a family session at Tibble Fork and the pictures we got will forever be some of my favorite! We came to find out that we both had sons around the same age and her’s was Jaxon and mine was Jax. We instantly connected and talked non stop about the ups and downs of mom life. I ended that session by insisting we have a playdate! Haha!

  Then we did maternity pictures..

  I basically forced her to because she has such amazing taste in outfits and their little Jaxon is so cute! And no surprise, those turned out absolutely beautiful as well! They dealt with cold wind by a lake and somehow made it seem like it was 80 degrees.

 And then,

I got the amazing opportunity to be there for their second son’s birth story, newborns, and now… their Fall 2019 family pictures! We were planning for a couple months to go to this one perfect location but of course Utah weather had other plans and decided to have a snow storm up in the mountains. They put their full faith in me and just told me to pick somewhere so I chose Loch Lomond in Saratoga Springs. Wow, did we get lucky with the lighting and last bit of fall colors left in Utah!

  Not to mention, they absolutely NAILED their outfits and I’m so in love with the color palette and cohesiveness of it all. Kourtney puts so much effort into choosing every item that completes their outfits and it 100% pays off every single session.

  Their boys have such cute and energetic personalities that always shine through in the sessions. Jax (yup, same name as my crazy 3 year old) has the most wild persona and is a little firecracker but always makes me laugh and play the whole time. My favorite shot was when I asked him to “Say cheese!” and he did his iron man pose. Brockton was even CUTER than pictures portrayed, which I honestly did not think was possible. He just looked at me with wide eyes, cute smirks, and lifted eyebrows!

  I always adore how this family’s photos turn out! I hope I get to continue photographing them for the years to come and see their family grow!


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