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October 26, 2019

Urrutia Family | Provo Canyon Fields


First, a little backstory.

I met this family when I lived out in Fresno. They were friends with my brother and sister in law who lived in Fresno and we hit it off almost instantly. I knew them as the “cool family” in the church and I remember wanting so badly to impress them. I actually met Craig first. He’s a stay at home dad that, let’s be honest, puts all of us moms to shame and it’s really annoying! Haha. He rocks the stay at home dad life and we met up for tons of playdates over the months I lived there.

I’m going to get cheesy for a minute,

this family and a couple other friends I met there, became MY PEOPLE. I connected with them so much and we made sure to never lose contact. While living in California, they became my best clients and #1 supporters! I found a love for taking pictures of this family specifically. Luckily for me, they have family in Utah!!

Because of that, they come out a couple times a year and always make sure to get family pictures done when they’re here (they are my number one fans and I love them for it.) Their little girls, Bree, Elly, and Ava, have so much personality and always bring it to the sessions. They’re full of sass and charm and really know how to model for the camera. Craig and Linzy are also amazing at being in front of the camera. Sometimes I feel like they’re directing ME at the sessions.

When we pulled up the the spot and got out, I had a feeling.

I turned to Craig and the first thing I said was “You guys are pregnant aren’t you?” He laughed a suuuuuper awkward laugh I’ll never let him live down and said “Uhhh why would you think that?!” Well guess what, they had a little surprise to share when they showed up, THEY ARE PREGNANT. This will be their fourth baby and we are all so excited about it! These two rock at being parents are raising adorable, stylish children. I can’t wait to meet their new little addition!


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