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October 28, 2019

Porter’s Birth Story | My First Birth


This was the first birth story I ever shot. Dominique is my sister in law’s cousin and I reached out to her when she was pregnant to see if she’d allow me to come do a test run on her delivery! I wanted to make sure this was something I wanted to photograph and get into and make sure I was actually good at it.

She texted me the day of saying she was headed to the hopsital and in labor. I told her to let me know when she was at a 7-8 and I would head on out! The hopsital was about 30 minutes away from me and since this was her 4th baby, I was thinking I would try to leave a little bit earlier. A couple hours later I get a text saying she’s at a 5 and the nurse thought she would go quickly so I should head over. I immediately jumped in my car and drove there. I kid you not, not even 10 minutes later I get a text that she’s at a 10! I flooooored it and ran my 26 week pregnant butt into the hospital, camera wrapped around me, ready to roll. When I got in the room the doctor was gowned and gloved and sitting on a chair at the foot of the bed, my client was laying in the bed peacefully, and the doctor turns to me and says “Oh hello! You must be the photographer. Please come in, you can stand up here and we’ll get started!”

I moved up to the foot of the bed and about 10 minutes later, Porter was born! Capturing that moment, the coursing adrenaline, the emotion in all the shots I got, I WAS HOOKED. I totally fell in love with birth stories and have been offering them since!

Meet Porter!


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