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September 19, 2020

Outdoor Newborn Session | Novak Family


Let me tell you all the reasons an outdoor newborn shoot is SUCH A GOOD IDEA!

First off, it’s different! You see so many in home newborn shoots (that are absolutely beautiful) but outdoor ones aren’t as common! They really should be because of reason number two. The light is always perfect and amazing. No weird shadows, harsh lighting, etc. Reason three, babies actually looooove to be outside and it can give them a great change of scenery. The fussiest of babes will be calm and content during an outdoor shoot because of the scenery change alone!

I was so happy when Haylee asked to do their newborn session outside! She chose a beautiful location up Provo Canyon and the weather was so warm and comfortable. Miss Hadley got to be in a onesie and enjoy moving and wiggling without having to be bundled up! She truly was in her happy place.

So, my conclusion: you should totally book an outdoor newborn session! Change it up a bit!


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