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August 12, 2020

Winterton Family Maternity | Big Springs Park


How exciting that this family of three will be welcoming their #4 soon! A baby girl! I not only got to take their maternity photos but will also being doing a newborn session for them!

Their little girl was definitely shy to start,

so we took some photos of them playing around a bit and snuggling. I try to let kids ease into photos so they’re as comfortable as can be. Once they realize I’m kind of silly and crazy they lighten up and we get some sweet little smiles! This session we listened to a lot of Lauv, her favorite, and it was quite the nice change up from the frozen soundtrack!

One really cool feature from this session is the spirit painting they had done for their babe in the womb!

I love when clients bring things they feel are important to document during the pregnancy. They had this done by Jonny a spirit painter in Utah. Here’s what some of the colors mean: white symbolizes a christ presence. Blue means communication, that she’ll be a good listener. Light mint color symbolizes her sensitivity. And violet symbolizes her spiritual mission.

I love that they shared this with me because I absolutely love the idea of it all and what it means!

This was the first time this year I’ve shot up in the canyons and it exceeded all expectations! There was tons of green and golden light and we were even blessed with some pretty yellow flowers!


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