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June 17, 2020

Rosenkrantz Family | Tibble Fork Reservoir


This family was FUN and carefree.

Those are the best words I can think to describe this session. We laughed, joked and talked the entire time and afterwards my cheeks were hurting from laughing so hard.

First things first, their dad reminds me so much of my own. Just super funny and goofy and let me say.. he was sneaky.. You can see in a few pictures he got away with standing on his tippy toes and I didn’t even notice until his kids called him out on it! Over all though he was one of those dads that was willing to try the “cheesy” prompts I gave and that makes him an A+ in my book.

Their two girls Julia and Cassandra graduated from U of U this year!

Since graduation was postponed we had to take advantage and grab a few shots of them in their gowns! I admire anyone who made it through their graduating year during all this Covid-19 craziness! Also, yes they are twins and yes I mixed up their names the entire time. I have to say after editing these pictures and staring at their faces for so long, I think I could tell them apart now! Haha

Andrea, their mom, told me that they hadn’t had family pictures in YEARS! That just made the session that much more special! I think mom will cherish these for years to come! What a special time in their lives!

As I was driving I saw Nik getting some photos by his truck. I literally yelled out the window “Nik!!! I would have taken pictures of you by your truck if you asked!” His smile told me everything and I hopped right out and snapped some shots! Boys and their trucks are important too! I mean look at it, how could you not want a photo with it?


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