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April 16, 2020

Stewart Family | The Great Saltair


This family session was referred to me by one of their family members. I love when this happens and I get to know everyone in a family even better! Carly is actually my friend Craig’s sister. I take family photos for Craig and Linzy all the time so I knew I was in for a treat with the Stewart family!

Carly was so on top of outfits and followed my advice so well. They stepped out of the car and I was blown away. Also, they are just an all over model family, right?! This session was so easy because I directed and they followed everything to a T.

This session may appear as if it’s warm and sunny but…

guess what, it was freezing! It was at least in the 30’s accompanied by wind. We were all dying and completely numb. They were all the most amazing sports for putting on a smile and pretending like the weather wasn’t bothering them in the least. We even ran back to the cars, blasted the heat, and then went back out to catch the sunset!

These pictures turned out amazing and I adore every single one!

Want to see Carly’s brother and sister in law’s session? Click the link: https://danasophiaphotography.com/2019/10/26/urrutiafamily/

You can also find my favorite mat for pictures or just hanging out at the saltair here: https://gathre.com/collections/saddle


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