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August 19, 2019

What to Wear for Fall Family Pictures


Fall is fast approaching and is probably THEE MOST popular season for family pictures. The vibrant colors and cool weather makes it so ideal for families and easier to keep little ones from overheating! I get messages all the time asking “what should we wear?” and “what colors do you suggest?” so I’m going to put all my suggestions in one place!

My biggest question, what colors are best? I will always prefer majority of everyone’s outfits to be neutrals/light tones year round because they create such a beautiful aesthetic in pictures, but adding in pops of color can really helps create the seasonal look people are looking for! For fall I suggest a good mix of muted tones, like navy blue, grays, burnt oranges/yellows, and light browns mixed in with whites, creams, light grays. You don’t want everyone in the same color so mix up who wears what and tie it into other’s outfits. For example, let’s say dad is wearing a navy shirt, then put little sister in a neutral color with a navy bow or a cream dress with a navy blue collar. I would pick 2-3 colors overall in the family so there isn’t an entire spectrum of color and limit colors on 40-50% of the family, leaving the rest in creams/whites/grays.

Colors to generally stay away from, any bright/neon colors, but especially red/pink. When someone is wearing reds or pinks it sometimes can cast that color onto their skin and make them appear more red or flushed! They can also cast onto other’s in the family making it hard to edit everyone to look natural as a whole! There are definitely some skin tones that can totally handle red and pull it off but it’s rare.




Patterns can be such a cute addition, but don’t overdo it! Limit patterns to one or two people and make them subtle.

Now, picking out the styles. Always pick mom’s outfit first! If you pick out everyone’s outfits and then yours and don’t love it, you won’t love your pictures as much. Find something you feel good in, can easily move around, and can’t wait to wear, then figure out everyone else’s colors and styles around it. Some places I love to shop for mom’s outfit:

Zara, Roolee, Piper and Scoot, One Loved Babe, H&M, Target, Old Navy

Dad’s are actually REALLY easy to pick outfits for! Want a more casual look? Jeans and a short sleeve button up. Want more dressy casual? Dress pants and a button up shirt (long or short), or a sweater. Want dressy? Slacks and a jacket. Boom. Dad’s are the easiest and will generally wear whatever you tell them! Some places I love to shop for dad’s outfit:

Asos, H&M, Target, Old Navy, Kohls, Banana Republic, Gap, Express

Outfits for little girls are fairly easy as well since there is so many cute options out there! I love overall dresses on girls for fall, anything with ruffles to add some texture, and spruce it up with a bow or hat! I generally like girls in dresses if they like them because they’ll want to twirl and show it off, which makes for some adorable movement in photos! Some places I love to shop for little girls:

Zara, Target, H&M, Carter’s, Baby Gap, Old Navy

When picking out outfits for boys I suggest jeans/khakis and a sweater or long sleeve. Maybe dress it up with a cardigan and for baby boys suspenders are always cute (but beware that I’ve never had a session where suspenders don’t fall off constantly!) Try to avoid vests and jackets because they easily hide their faces! Some places I love for little boys:

Zara, Target, H&M, Carter’s, Old Navy, Baby Gap

The biggest tips to remember is FIND YOUR OUTFIT FIRST then find everyone else’s. Make sure you and your family can MOVE. You want to be able to play and snuggle without fabric digging into you or the kids!

Family in pictures outfits: Mom’s outfit is from Target, Dad’s is from Old Navy, the little girl’s is from Amazon, and the little boy’s is from Zara.

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