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August 17, 2019

Sundance Maternity | Auelua-Notoa Family


This family and I go waaaaay back. Vairo and Becca were some of Christian’s best friends in high school (they all cheered together) and I met them at Christian’s Senior Ball. We all hit it off and have been double dating and spending time together for 7+ years! They’re now expecting their 2nd baby and I am over the moon excited for them! I was so ecstatic when Becca asked me to do their family pictures/maternities. Their little daughter Eliza is such a personality and probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Loved her side eye she gave me and little peeks at smiles.

Fun fact: While shooting Becca in some tall grass I felt something crawling all over me.. I look down and I’m COVERED in what I thought was tiny spiders but was actually fire ants AND THEY WERE HUGE. I spent the next 5 minutes freaking out, swatting at my body like a crazy person and begging Vairo to “Get them off!!! Get them off!!!” Just another fun memory to add to the book with this fam!




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