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January 22, 2024

Pugsley Family | Newborns


Have a newborn session with a wild, fun and moving 2 year old sibling? I’ve had MANY and if I’m being completely honest, they elevate the session in the best ways sometimes! But if you’re new to the beautiful chaos of shooting families, here’s some things I do to help the session run as smoothly as possible.

First things first, those kids run the show. They just do! And you have to learn how to follow their lead sometimes and be creative in your posing to accommodate whatever they’re willing to give. For example, this little boy was a MOVER. He wanted to play and be silly and have fun. Totally understandable and expected from the average 2 year old. So instead of focusing on smiling, posed portraits, we flipped him upside down, let him jump on the bed, played peek a boo with the blankets, etc. Because we were willing to play hard and move with him, I was able to turn around and ask for soft and gentle moments with baby brother, where he was much more willing to comply.

Secondly, make sure you’re all smiling and laughing, no matter what! Even if they’re being a little crazy and all over the place, the best thing you can do is make the session FUN. If they think taking pictures is a fun, family activity and they’re getting positive attention and reinforcement from their parents, they will want to stick around and sometimes even last the entire session. Another big tip: if they’re sad, shy or just need cuddles, just let them! I pose around their needs. So if they just want to snuggle into Dad’s arms and hide their face, then that’s the shot and I’ll add the other parent in around them somehow.

Lastly, if that kid or kiddos need a break, let them! Doesn’t matter if I have the perfect shot in queue, if they’re done they’re just done. I let them run off with mom or dad for a few minutes and then I focus on whoever is available to be shot at that moment. Then after 5-10 minutes we invite them back in to play some more. Works like a charm.

Photography is all about capturing whatever phase of life you’re in. The wild, crazy moments are just as important and special as the soft quiet ones.


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