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November 9, 2021

Busteed Family | Loch Lomond


I’m so so glad I got to shoot this beautiful family at one of my favorite locations! I met them last year at my tree farm minis and it was so unbelievably cold. Their sweet kids did the best they could but we were all freezing. We surprisingly got so many beautiful photos from that session still! But because of that, I was even more excited to shoot them in WARM weather and do a full session with them! I just knew we would get so many amazing photos from this session and we DID.

This session was a perfect example of utilizing whatever the kids will give you. They weren’t feeling pictures but they definitely wanted to play, so we made sure to pose around what they were willing to give! Their youngest little boy had a hard time standing still and paying attention for his portraits, so we found a stick and let him pretend it was a wand. He got to “poke us” and play around, it was so fun and got so many cute giggles from him!

These are also some of my favorite mom photos! The boys were so sweet just playing around her and give her kisses and loves here and there.


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