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October 30, 2021

Kidd Family | Great Shorelands Reserve


I finally got the chance to do a session at this beautiful location! It is so simple and neutral, it leaves you not option but to utilize movement and creativity! This family was perfect for it and definitely worth the hour and a half drive I had to make to get there!

The light is very harsh, even an hour before sunset, so I had to really push myself to angle things right but also capture real moments IN the moment. Not to mention I was either standing on a skinny little wooden walkway over swamp or wading through tall golden grass, afraid I might see a rattlesnake! It didn’t matter to me, I took whatever measures necessary to get the shots I was envisioning.

We got some beautiful, warm light right at the end and we soaked up every second of that! I love to change up the lighting and face the sun right at the end. You get those extra warm and colorful shots then.


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