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July 17, 2021

Daley Family Maternity | Alaska


You know those photographers that travel all over and have the most beautiful photos in unique places? Yeah, that is my DREAM. But.. as a family photographer, we typically don’t get to travel for sessions all that much. Unless we have someone really willing to pay for the travel and cost of getting us out there. Traveling for sessions is something you see more with weddings/elopements. So I had to let go of that dream a while ago..


This session happened. Mine and my husband’s friend’s from high school were in town visiting and are pregnant with their second. While at our house they mentioned how they wish they would have planned to have maternity photos done but totally spaced it. I then proceeded to invite myself out to their home in Alaska so I could do a maternity session for them there and they actually took me up on it! I literally booked my ticket that afternoon and everything was set.

I was traveling to gorgeous ALASKA for a maternity shoot!!

I planned to be there for a few days and we were going to do an outdoor and indoor maternity sessions. I couldn’t contain my excitement! Molly and I went and scouted a green, rolling hills location the morning of our scheduled shoot. We found the most beautiful spot but it had a no trespassing sign. So I said “Dang.. let’s move on.” But Molly said “Hold on, let me go find the owners.” (Insert a million laughing faces and cringe faces because talking to random, stranger people is kind of my nightmare.) She goes up to this guy riding a tractor and asks if she can take pictures on his property and he said YES!

Then our second outdoor location was right on the banks of this gorgeous river. We were only there for maybe 20 minutes but the shots we got in that short time frame are by far my favorite!

Check my next blog post for the indoor maternity session!


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