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January 30, 2021

Lang Family Newborns | In Home Session


I might have actually had my mouth open when I entered this family’s beautiful home. For one, their taste in style was amazing and made for gorgeous photos but two, the light was SO GOOD. It drenched the whole house and gave off this beautiful warm effect even though it was the middle of winter and freezing.

Their little boy was such a firecracker and definitely wanted to just have fun and play. Well, you best believe we did just that. I take pride in the lengths that I’ll go to make a child smile.. Sometimes it’s quite embarrassing but as long as I get that smile, I don’t care and neither do the parents.

Such a good reminder that no matter how grumpy your child is, just go with it, smile and show them how much fun YOU’RE having. Nine times out of ten they want to join in and see what’s so exciting about taking photos!


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