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January 28, 2021

How to: At-Home Photoshoot | My Boys


Sometimes, as a photographer, I just feel this urge to create and capture, especially with my own kids! I want to document their silliness and cute features that change so quickly. When I get an idea in my head, I throw it together and we make it happen!

So I’m going to tell you how you can create photoshoots like this in your own home!

To start, I always suggest minimizing clutter and distractions! That means clear away toys, distracting things on the walls, etc. I also really wanted a white, bright look for this so I took my child’s duvet cover off and just used the insert. I also took off the pillow cases. I made sure that their clothes were neutral and not distracting so the sole focus of the photo would just be them and their happiness!

I open up all the windows but deflect the light so it isn’t shining directly on them. That means angling the blinds up or down or hanging a sheer white curtain to diffuse the light. I also make sure no other overhead lights or lamps are on. House lights are much more orange than natural light and if you mix both you’ll find spottiness here and there from both.

I never go into these shoots with my boys expecting ANYTHING haha. You just can’t with kids. They do what they please and the best thing you can do is roll with it rather than direct it. I give prompts here and there like “tickle your brother!” or “jump up and down!” But for the most part I just let them play and be silly. Sometimes I find if I play with them a bit first they get more into it and then I can slowly remove myself and grab my camera!

Once I feel like I got the shots I wanted, I will edit them! My biggest thing is brightening. I like my shadows brighter but dropped down a little so it adds some contrast and my highlights low. I make sure not to remove too much of their natural coloring but if needed I’ll tone down the orange and reds!

All in all I came away from this shoot feeling like I captured their happiness and joy in the best way!


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