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June 24, 2020

Motherhood Minis | March 2020


As Mother’s Day was approaching this year, I really felt the urge to do motherhood minis! It’s so important to capture a mom with her babies. One reason, because they’re always the ones taking the photos and are never in them! Another reason, mamas have a special bond with their babes and it goes by too quick for us. I really wanted to do something special this year to capture that!

I decide on my favorite studio, White House Studios, because it’s so whimsical and magical! Absolutely PERFECT for these photos. I had everything ready to go and then… Covid 19 happened!

Everyone was on a stay at home order and businesses were shut down. I was sure that these weren’t going to work out and I was beyond bummed. But somehow, someway, things starting to clear up a bit and the stay at home order was lifted THE DAY BEFORE THESE SESSIONS! It was a miracle!

I’m so glad we were able to still do these because I adore these moments captured between all the mamas and their babes and I know they’ll cherish these forever!

Beautiful studio featured is White House Studios


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