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May 17, 2020

Front Porch Session | Egan Family


The Front Porch Project

That has become the new “trend” during this crazy pandemic and quarantine. At first, I honestly didn’t quite get the hype. Then I realized how special it was to capture your family as you are in quarantine, during this uncertain time, and document moments right there on your front porch. How cool is that?

This was my first front porch session and it was better than expected! When you don’t have as much scenery in the background, the images suddenly become very focused on YOU and YOUR emotions, interactions, and moments. Those are really the best kind of pictures, aren’t they? Can they become a thing even when there isn’t a quarantine?!

Not only was this family adorable as is, but they had a pet BUNNY! I’m an animal lover and it was just the cutest thing seeing their little toddler hold onto it! See if you can spot it in the images!


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